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Issue #6 (14 January 2012)

Happy Holidays from the ArtCafé! This week featured HOT muffins and HOT tips from the art world, with the gift of a Christmas Stollen, a typical Dresden custom, from Henry Arnhold, whose Meissen porcelain collection opened in the new portico at the Frick Museum.

ArtCafé will resume on Friday, January 13th at 9:30am. Please join us later that night at 7pm for an evening of wine, discussion, and film screening of "The Public Eye," presented by Weegee expert, Miles Barth. Thank you for the support and insight that the ArtCafé "family" has brought to Friday mornings at the Westport Arts Center. Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Happy and healthy New Year!


Happy Holidays from the ArtCafé! CLICK HERE for the Henry Arhold Collection of Meissen porcelain at the Frick Museum. Photo by Helen Klisser During
HIGHLIGHTED EXHIBITIONS (click image to access link)

Matisse, Cézanne, Picasso...the Stein Family 
Grand Palais, Galeries nationales
Oct. 5 - Jan. 16  

The Ronald S. Lauder Collection: Selections from the 3rd Century BC to the 20th Century/Germany, Austria, & France

Neue Galerie

Oct. 27 - April 2
Stieglitz and His Artisits: Matisse to O'Keeffe

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Oct. 13 - Jan. 2
Fee's List

through Jan. 19 
Picasso's Drawings, 1890 - 1921: Reinventing Tradition

The Frick Collection

Oct. 4 - Jan. 8
Winter Exhibition Listings: a list of must-see shows

The Art Dossier
Sarah Sze at Art Basel Miami Beach. Photo by Helen Klisser During. CLICK HERE to see more from Sarah Sze at the Asia Society.

SELECTED ARTICLES & VIDEOS (click image to access link)

A Griot for a Global Village

The New York Times

by Holland Cotter

How Darcie Chan Became a Best-Selling Author

The Wall Street Journal

by Alexandra Alter

A Voyeur Makes Herself at Home in the Louvre

The New York Times

by Karen Rosenberg 
Maurizio Cattelan, All In One

Art in America

by Michele Robecchi 
Silence is Golden

The New York Times

by Maureen Dowd 

WAC's newly discovered "Arts Avenger,"- early drop off for "Toy Stories?!" CLICK HERE to preview "Toy Stories". Photo by Cara Bertini

From Kenwood House, Borrowed Treasures

The New York Times

by Carol Vogel 

Homage to a Picture-Book Rebel

The New York Times

by Laurel Graeber

The Young Gallerists

The New York Times

by Laura M. Holson

More Details on the Closing of Knoedler Gallery


by Michael H. Miller

Turner Prize Streaker Explains His Art

The Guardian

by Martin Wainwright
CLICK HERE for video 

Malawi With Love finds a new home with Save the Children. CLICK HERE for video.

In the Picture: An artist's global experiment to help people be seen

The New Yorker

by Raffi Khatchadourian

The Painting on the Wall: Diego Rivera in New York

The New Yorker

by Peter Schjedahl

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Knoedler Forgery Debacle But Were Afraid to Ask


by Julia Halperin

Martin Boyce's Rubbish Bin Wins Turner Prize (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post

Charles Saatchi: the hideousness of the art world

The Guardian

by Charles Saatchi

Words of wisdom from Art Basel Miami Beach. Photo by Helen Klisser During

Resisting Renaming of Miami Museum

The New York Times

by Robin Pogrebin

Venus Rising From Her Pretty Prison

The New York Times

by Roberta Smith

A Jewel Box for Translucent Treasures

The New York Times

by Ken Johnson

Sculpture as Portrait at the Metropolitan

The New York Times

by Carol Vogel

The Art Newspaper Digital

Everything in Its Right Place

The New York Times

by Karen Rosenberg

Cattelan pigeons. CLICK HERE for video. Photo by Helen Klisser During

Elizabeth Taylor's Collection Breaks Record at Christie's

The New York Times

by Charles Isherwood 
Art World Star Doesn't Change His Spots

The New York Times

by Carol Vogel

Ronald Lauder: Heir, Art Collector, Philanthropist

Cityfile New York

Leonard Lauder: Cosmetics Heir, Art Patron

Cityfile New York

The Year in Art: The Cold War, fifties brushtrokes, and a pickup artist run amock

The New York Times

by Jerry Saltz
Choi Jeong Hwa's "Homage to the Pohutukawa Tree" at Auckland City Art Gallery. Photo by Helen Klisser During
The Long Slide: Museums as playgrounds

The New York Times

by Jerry Saltz

The Provacateur: Laurel Nakadate

New York Magazine

by Miranda Siegel

Because New York's Galleries Are the Greatest Single Machine Ever Invented for Exhibiting Art

New York Magazine

by Jerry Saltz

Riding, Artfully, Into the Sunset

The New York Times

by Guy Trebay

 Public Art Fund

Festive lights at Auckland City, New Zealand. Photo by Helen Klisser During


Mistress of Modernism:The Life of Peggy Guggenheim

by Mary V. Dearborn
Art Lover: A Biography of Peggy Guggenheim

by Anton Gil

Everybody Who Was Anybody: A Biography of Gertrude Stein

by Janet Hobhouse

Gertrude Stein: A Biography

by Howard Greenfeld

Fresh gallery window featuring Pacific art, Otara, Auckland. CLICK HERE for more art from Auckland. Photo by Helen Klisser During


CLICK HERE to purchase tickets
Haldon Station- mustering sheep. Photo by Helen Klisser During
Wishing you all the best! Happy Holiday and we'll see you in the New Year!

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