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Issue #27: Winter Art Fairs 2014 (14 March 2014)

It's art fair season in New York! 

I hope you enjoy this issue of the ArtCafe Blog, which features extensive coverage of The Armory Show 2014 and Whitney Biennial.

Join us on an exclusive WAC This Way tour of the Whitney Biennial on Thursday, March 20 at 11am. Click here if you'd like to register online. We hope to see you!

Best wishes,

Helen Klisser During
Director of Visual Arts
Westport Arts Center

Armory spectators-- always a sight to be seen! Photo by Helen Klisser During

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The Armory Show 2014
March 6 - 9, 2014

Whitney Biennial 2014
March 7 - May 25, 2014

SLIDESHOW: Art Fair Week in Pictures 2014
The 2014 Whitney Biennial. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

VIDEO: Hidden Gems at Armory Show Modern
by Judd Tully, Vanessa Yurkevich, Blouin ARTINFO

VIDEO: Guest Curators Talk 2014 Whitney Biennial
by Kristin Boatright, Blouin ARTINFO

Humorous Artworks Ease Fatigue at the 2014 Armory Show
by Benjamin Sutton, Artnet
Romuald Hazoume's "Fiegnon" at the Armory Show 2014. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

Jerry Saltz on the Whitney Biennial
by Jerry Saltz,

SLIDESHOW: One Last Dance in the Old Place
by Holland Cotter, The New York Times

SLIDESHOW: Highlights from VOLTA NY 2014

Christo (left) with Westport Arts Center's Director of Visual Arts, Helen Klisser During, at the Armory Show 2014.
SLIDESHOW: Highlights from ADAA: The Arts Show 2014

SLIDESHOW: Inside the 2014 SPRING / BREAK Art Show
by Regina Mogilevskaya, Blouin ARTINFO

The Whitney Biennial
by Peter Schjeldhal, The New Yorker

And Emphasis on Artists Pays Off at Chelsea's Independent Fair
by Ashton Cooper, Blouin ARTINFO
Artforum publisher, Knight Landesman (left) at the 2014 Whitney Biennial. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

Tony Tasset's 2014 Whitney Biennial Piece is a Monument with 392,485 Artists' Names
by Benjamin Sutton, Artnet news

Booths Devoted to Women Multiply at the Art Show
by Karen Rosenberg, The New York Times

An Art Fair That Tries to Be Something Else
by Martha Schwendener, The New York Times
Tammy Winser at WAC This Way: Armory Show 2014. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz
September 27 - April 26, 2015
Alcatraz Island

Park Avenue, the Art Gallery: Alice Aycock's Latest Installation Is Unveiled
by Ted Loos, The New York Times

VIDEO: Vincent's Painting Class
by Sofia Perpetua, The New York Times

Shopping for a Masterpiece (With Help) for $5,000
by William Grimes, The New York Times
At the Armory Show 2014. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

Islamic Accents in Dutch Decor
by Roberta Smith, The New York Times

Louvre's Sculptures Dressed as Hipsters
by Linen,

VIDEO: At Home with Roz Chast
by Sky Dylan-Robbins, The New Yorker

Study Finds a Gender Gap at the Top Museums
by Hilarie M. Sheets, The New York Times
Performa founder, Rose Lee Goldberg, at the 2014 Whitney Biennial. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

Entrepreneur Dana Ardi on What Contemporary Art Can Teach CEOs
by Andrew M. Goldstein, Artspace

VIDEO: Classic Meets Contemporary in the Hill Collection
by Kristen Boatright, Judd Tully, Blouin ARTINFO

In Their Own Terms: The Growing Transgender Presence in Pop Culture
by Jacob Bernstein, The New York Times

By the Luck of Her Lacquer
by Matthew Schneier, The New York Times
A visitor of the Armory Show 2014 poses with Monica Cook's sculpture at Postmasters Gallery booth. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

VIDEO: Sibylle Szaggars Redford Honors Earth at YoungArts Miami
by Dion Tan, Blouin ARTINFO

Emmanuel Perrotin: The French Connection
by Christopher Bagley, W Magazine

Vogue Meets Drawing, and the Results are Spectacular
by Robin Cembalest, Artnews

Women in the World: Stories + Solutions
David H. Koch Theater
Call 212-938-1032 

"Susan Malloy: In the Studio" on through March 23.

"Abstract Notes" on through March 23.
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