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Issue #21: Spring Issue (12 April 2013)

Happy Spring! 

With the warmer weather, we hope you'll stop by the Arts Center soon at check out our new exhibition, SOLOS 2013juried by Susan Cross of MASS MoCA. Over 300 guests attended the April 5th Opening Reception. 

Be sure to stop by on Wednesdays from 12:30 - 1:30 to hear the SOLOS 2013 artists speak about their work.

Enjoy the spring and best wishes!

Helen Klisser During
Director of Visual Arts
Westport Arts Center

Spring has sprung! Photo by Helen Klisser During.

(click image for link)

Window Shopping with a Pop Patriarch
by Holland Cotter, The New York Times

Dark Roots of a Pop Master's Sunshine
by Blake Gopnik, The New York Times

VIDEO: About 82nd & Fifth

Daniel Reich, 39, Resourceful Art Dealer, Dies
by Randy Kennedy, The New York Times
Claes Oldenburg's "Mouse Museum" at MoMA. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

SLIDESHOW: Inventing Abstraction
The New York Times 

VIDEO: Bill Cunningham: Dress Rehearsal
The New York Times

Thomas McEvilley, Critic and Defender of Non-Western Art, Dies at 73
by Holland Cotter, The New York Times

Gagosian Gives Show to Pratt Students Who Lost Work in Fire
by Rozalia Jovanovic, Blouin ARTINFO 

No More on the Outside Looking In: 'Great and Mighty Things' at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
by Roberta Smith, The New York Times
Helen Klisser During photographs Ryan McGinley's "Blue Falling" on the High Line, Chelsea. Click for link.


12-Year-Old Building at MoMA is Doomed
by Robin Pogrebin, The New York Times 

What the Brain Can Tell Us About Art
by Eric R. Kandel, The New York Times

Christie's Is Poised to Auction Art in China
by David Barboza, The New York Times 

VIDEO: Christie's China Debut
by Axel Gerdau and David Gillen, The New York Times

See the Scrappy Origins of Claes Oldenburg's Oeuvre at MoMA
by Rozalia Jovanovic, Blouin ARTINFO
Edible art?-- if only!! Dieter Roth and Björn at Hauser & Wirth, New York. Photo by Helen Klisser During. Click for link.

I Went to a Movie and an Art Exhibition Broke Out
'Manet: Portraying Life,' Documentary on Royal Academy Show
by Roberta Smith, The New York Times 

A Camera Ravenous for Emotional Depth
'Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light' at MoMA
by Roberta Smith, The New York Times   

VIDEO: 'Gutai: Splendid Playground' at the Guggenheim
by Dion Tan and Brandon Smith, Blouin ARTINFO

A Billion-Dollar Gift Give the Met a New Perspective (Cubist)
by Carol Vogel, The New York Times  

Is the Art Market Undervalued? The Debate Over the Industry's $56-Billion Year
by Shane Ferro, Blouin ARTINFO 
Only the best chocolate used in the installation by Dieter Roth and Björn Roth. at Hauser & Wirth/ Photo by Helen Klisser During.


The Rush to the Box Office
by Blake Gopnik, The Art Newspaper

How the Arts Can Heal the Military
by Commander Moira McGuire 

Does Anyone Here Speak Art and Tech?
by Alice Gregory, The New York Times 

Artbooks April Edition:15 of the Best Releases On Vibrant Photography, Brazen Painters, SoCal Architecture and More
The Huffington Post 

Saltz on the Death of the Gallery Show
by Jerry Saltz,
Chocolate busts by Dieter Roth and Björn Roth at Hauser & Wirth, New York. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

David Hockney's 18-Screen Video 'The Jugglers' Having Its U.S. Premier at the Whitney in May
by Benjamin Sutton, Blouin ARTINFO

Saving Basquiat: Seeing the Art Through the Myth-Making at Gagosian
by Ben Davis, Blouin ARTINFO

Basquiat's Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Major Trove of Unseen Works
by Rachel Corbett, Blouin ARTINFO

VIDEO: Nick Cave's Whimsical Horses Graze Through Grand Central
by Kristen Boatright, Blouin ARTINFO
Installation shot of Tallur L.N.'s "New Yorked" at Jack Shainman Gallery. Photo by Helen Klisser During. Click for link.

Glories Restored, Rijksmuseum is Reopening After 10 Years
by Carol Vogel, The New York Times

Cecilia Alemani on Curating a Secret Bar and Artist-Run Diner for Frieze NY
by Ashton Cooper, Blouin ARTINFO

A Cocktail of Beers, a Pencil and a Model
by Brian Sloan, The New York Times 

From Math Teachers to Adult Film Extra, The Unexpected Early Jobs of 30 Art Stars
by Blouin ARTINFO
Bill Eppridge in action at AIPAD. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

Artspace Acquires VIP Art
by Andrew Russeth, GalleristNY

Doughnut Plant Working on Top-Secret Line of Kenny Scharf Donuts(UPDATED)
by Benjamin Sutton, Blouin ARTINFO

SLIDESHOW: Donald Judd Museum in SoHo
The New York Times 

VIDEO: Paul Smith, Typewriter Artist 

The Louvre Closed Today Because of Pickpockets
by Benjamin Sutton, Blouin ARTINFO
Chuck Close and Helen Klisser During at the opening reception of "Chuck Close Photo Maquettes" at Eykyn Maclean.

SLIDESHOW: Norway's New Photographic Landscape 
by Kerri Macdonald, The New York Times

Gill Gatfield: Vanity Fair 

Art Hubs for All May Work for None
by Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

Opening Reception for 'SOLOS 2013'

Singular Sensations: 'SOLOS 2013' show debuts at Westport Arts Center
by Mike Lauterborn, WestportNews

Wall mural, Chelsea. Photo by Helen Klisser During.
VIDEO: Back to the Basics: A Portrait of Sally White

"Oh no! Auntie Hel's got her camera out again!" - Lily


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