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Issue #20 (14 March 2013)

Issue #20: Armory Arts Week 2013

Spring is springing and art fairs are popping up like crocuses! Check out this week's links to art fairs from New York to Maasticht.

Enjoy the art fairs and we hope to see you at the opening of SOLOS 2013 on Friday, April 5 at 6pm!

Best wishes,

Helen Klisser During
Director of Visual Arts
Westport Arts Center

Brillo boxes where? Over there! Charles Lutz's Brillo boxes at the Armory Show 2013. Photo by Helen Klisser During.


Armory Arts Week
March 7 -10, 2013

SLIDESHOW: The Best Booths at the Amory Show

SLIDESHOW: See the Most Exiting Artworks From the Fairs of Armory Week 2013

VIDEO: 60 Works in 60 Seconds 
by Dion Tan. Blouin ARTINFO

SLIDESHOW: PULSE Art Fair: The Director Tour
by Carmen Zella, Huffington Post
The Armory Show Founding Director, Paul Morris, at the site of his exclusive one-night only art fair, "Chosen" on March 4, 2013. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

Former Rebel Scope Art Fair Brings a More Subtle, Refined Array of Quality Works
by Sara Roffino, Blouin ARTINFO

'I Felt the Need to Do Something Unusual' : Massimiliano Gioni on Curating Venice
by Coline Milliard, Blouin ARTINFO 

Bogus Brillo Boxes Wreak Havoc at Armory Show, Banned From Pier 92
by Shane Ferro, Blouin ARTINFO

Irving Blum with a Charles Lutz Brillo box at the Armory Show 2013. Photo by Helen Klisser During.
VIDEO: The Armory Show: Behind the Scenes
by Sotheby's Institute of Art 

SLIDESHOW: Armory Art Trends: 10 Themes Spotted at the 2013 Armory Arts Fair 
Huffington Post 

A Light Hand at an Art Fair
by Holland Cotter, The New York Times

Homages, Giddy Humor and Less Clutter: The Armory Show at Piers 92 and 94 
by Karen Rosenberg, The New York Times

Why the Future Lies in Art Fairs
by Souren Melikian, The New York Times
Graffiti art in Chelsea. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

SLIDESHOW: Art fair highlight: SPRING/BREAK 

Spotted: Adam Driver of 'Girls' Shows Up at the Opening of Spring/Break
by Janelle Zara, Blouin ARTINFO

The Art Show and the Armory Show: An Artist's Observations
by Barbara Ernst Prey, Huffington Post

The Top 10 Booths at TEFAF 2013
by Coline Milliard, Blouin ARTINFO

Museum and Gallery Listings for March 8 - 14
The New York Times 

Jerry Saltz: Art-Fair Week Is Not Actually Horrible
by Jerry Saltz,
Jerry Saltz in front of Glenn Kaino's 'A Perfect Circle' at the Armory Show 2013. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

Artist Katharina Gross Discusses Skewing Scale in Her New Netherlands Show
 by Alexander Forbes, Blouin ARTINFO

Saltz: 20 Things I Really Liked at the Art Fairs
by Jerry Saltz, 

Saltz on Piero della Francesca at the Frick
by Jerry Saltz,

Art and Architecture Come Together at Gemini G.E.L. Frank Gehry Exhibition
by Kelly Chan, Blouin ARTINFO

Not Your Parents' Mary Poppins at Art Fair in Maastricht
by Carol Vogel, The New York Times 

William Wegman GIF: Photographer Presents Adorable Puppy in Spinning Bowl
Huffington Post

Dynamic Art Scene Takes Wing in Dubai
by Sara Hamdan, The New York Times

For a Museum on the Ropes, Survival Means Hard Choices
by Roberta Smith, The New York Times
Artist Nick Cave and Helen Klisser During at Grand Central Terminal for the artist's performance of "HEARD NY." Click for video courtesy The New York Times.

A Young Colorist, Antennas Aquiver:
Helen Frankenthaler at the Gagosian Gallery
by Roberta Smith, The New York Times

Outside the Citadel, Social Art Is Intended to Nurture
by Randy Kennedy, The New York Times

Florentijn Hofman's Giant 'Rubber Duck' Floats to Hong Kong
by Zoe Li, Blouin ARTINFO

The Thrill of It All: Picasso, War, Racing
by Brad Spurgeon, The New York Times

Swinton Under Glass: New Offering from MoMA
by Patrick Healy, The New York Times

8th Graders from Bridge Academy pose on the High Line during their visit to Chelsea. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

Taking Up Paintbrushes, Not Arms:
'The Artful Recluse' at Asia Society
by Holland Cotter, The New York Times

Nick Cave: Heard-NY
at Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal 
March 25 - 31; 11am - 2pm

Los Angeles MOCA Mulls Pact with National Gallery
by Patricia Cohen, The New York Times

Elger Esser
Sonnabend Gallery

Unsupervised: Tameka Norris and Mark Jenkins
Lombard-Freid Projects 
through April 13

Jim Dine: Jim Dine
Pace Gallery, New York
through March 23

What's next? 24th Street pooch. Photo by Helen Klisser During.
U.S. Art Critics Bestow Top Show Honors for 2012 on Ann Hamilton, Mike Kelley, and More
by Benjamin Sutton, Blouin ARTINFO

Nick Cave: Heard-NY
Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Terminal 
March 25 - March 31

Gallerist Howard Greenberg on Unveiling His Storied Photo Collection in Paris
by Juliette Soulez, Blouin ARTINFO 

Conceptual Inspiration, by the Book
by Carol Vogel, The New York Times

Elaine de Kooning Birthday: 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Great Abstract Expressionist Artist
Huffington Post 

Her Father's Daughter: The Turbulent Life of Lisa de Kooning
by Peter Haldeman, The New York Times 

Awash in a Cultural Deluge
by Roberta Smith, The New York Times 

VIDEO: Pipilotti Rist: Color is Dangerous
Louisiana Channel 
Goof Off! Gladstone Gallery attempts to remove graffiti in front of their space. Photo by Helen Klisser During.

Long Stuck in Obscurity, Bay Bridge Will Go From Drab Gray to Glowing
by Malia Wollan, The New York Times

Peter Fischli on Nature, Tourism, and Working Without David Weiss
by Coline Milliard, Blouin ARTINFO 

A High Line in Queens: Just Imagine the Food
by Eleanor Randolph, The New York Times 

The New High-Tech Patrons: Silicon Valley power players, from Marissa Mayer to Marc Andreessen, are beginning to buy art—and museum directors and dealers are eager to help; Creating a 'farm team' of young donors
by Ellen Gamerman, The Wall Street Journal 

Art Without Market, Art Without Education: Political Economy of Art
by Anton Vidokle, e-flux 
Inside the new Yale University Art Gallery. Photo by Helen Klisser During.


Bridge Academy 8th Grade and staff with WAC staff in front of Jean Michel Basquait at Gagosian Gallery, New York.

Magnifico! Mario Laposta of Mario Batali's Tarry Lodge shows a "timpano" for WAC's Big Night Out, which included a film screening of Stanley Tucci's "Big Night Out" while 60 guests dined on a delicious Italian feast catered by Tarry Lodge.

Join us for the Opening Reception of SOLOS 2013 on Friday, April 5 at 6pm!

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